4 Phase – Musician Ad Campaign System and Structure

Phase 1 – Brainstorm Ad Video Content + Structure
We teach you exactly how to develop the structure and ideas for video content required when starting your ad campaign journey. You learn how to Attract, Engage and Keep your fans though creating and implementing through timeless ad content.

Phase 2 – Your Retargeting Strategy
Once you have the users attention what do you do next? Most musicians or producers don’t even think this far hence why we are showing you exactly what to do to leverage your audiences attention!

Phase 3 – Your Offerings (Your Incentives)
You’re investing your hard-earned money to get the attention of listeners. So why don’t you have a financial return strategy in place! Think of all the studio sessions and beats you’ve purchased. We teach you how to create offers that will lead fans to return your investment.

Phase 4 – Results (Website and Funnels)
Every indie musicians or producer want awareness, fan base growth and to earn from their music. The biggest obstacle to this goal is not having a system in place that support your end goals. We show you exactly why your email service, website and our music funnel system is vital to your music advertising success.