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Result Focused Marketing

Our membership is packed with our in-depth digital strategies that showcase step by step exactly what you need to in order to market your music effectively online. No matter your level of experience you’ll be confident enough to implement yourself.

Online System & Structures

Many indies fail to build a digital system and structure to complement their music beyond the awareness phase of the fanbase journey. Learn exactly what an effective online system and structure looks like and how to use this to turn your growth into autopilot mode whilst monetizing your music career.

Music Creator Network

Share problems and solutions with hundreds of other indie musicians, producers, and record label owners within our private Indie marketing Facebook group .

Exclusive Discounts

The GRNDXHUB provides members with exclusive deals and discounts on essential marketing courses and resources. You’ll save a vast amount of money and time to reinvest into your music career.

Access Our Step by Step Music Marketing Courses & Resources

As an GRNDXHUB member, you’ll get instant, on-demand access to our entire collection of step-by-step music marketing material. These exact strategies have been used to attract new listeners, grow fanbases, and build digital assets for numerous indie musicians, producers.

Social Media Blueprint

Learn the exact blueprint step by step to leverage your Instagram social media page to build your support base daily and expand your music career income stream.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Learn exactly how you should run Facebook and Instagram campaigns for your music career with in-depth step by step video tutorials. 

YouTube Advertising

Learn exactly how you should run Youtube Ad campaigns for your music career with in-depth step by step video tutorials. 

Indie Musician and producers starter pack ads

4 Phase System & Structure

No corner is unturned learn each touchpoint required to turn strangers into loyal paying supporters with effective paid advertising.

Indie Musician and producers starter pack ads

Fanbase Journey Cycle

Learn 9 core music marketing stages to turn any stranger into a long-term paying loyal supporter online.

Find My Sound Guide

Solve the #1 problem indies face when an attempt to run paid advertising. Locating their Ideal target audience. Discover your sound and watch your music exposure explode and ad cost disappear.

Indie musicians social media blueprint course

40+ Vital Marketing Tools

Successful music marketing agencies rely on the use of tools to help push their artist to the next level online. Before today majority of these online tools were a secret. Access Over 40 vital music marketing tools

Indie musicians social media blueprint course

YouTube SEO For Musicians

Learn How To Utilise #1 Search Engine Optimisation Tool on YouTube as a Music Creators 

Indie musicians social media blueprint course

Music With De-Fi (Advanced)

Learn everthing you need to know about Music Web 3.0 and Blockchain Technology.

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Marketing Testimonials From Indies in Our Community..

Our indie marketing strategies have been tried and tested with numerous indie musicians and producers to ensure they deliver the education, quality, and results expected. Look at the feedback from indie producers and musicians that have used our material.

Who Should Join GRNDX HUB ?

Independent Musician

If you’re an indie musician at the start of your career or if your experienced but need help to simplify everything music marketing. GRNDXHUB is exactly what you need. Save time, effort, and money learning the latest music marketing strategies that are proven to return successful results to attract, grow, and monetize your fanbase with step by step tutorial guidance.

Indie Producers

Most producers struggle to maintain their demand meaning all your long nights and creative genius lead to minimal sales on a repeat basis. Whether you’re just starting or a veteran in the music production space GRNDXHUB shows you the ropes to build a business and marketing system that leads to customers continuously purchasing your beats.

Indie Label

Breakaway indie labels are the lifeline of the new emerging music industry, challenging the traditional marketing methods with digital marketing and paid advertising. If your label needs assurance in the organic or paid traffic, music marketing systems, email marketing, and funnels. GRNX HUB is the perfect education ground to qualify the work your team does on behalf of your talented roaster.

Artist Manager

Usually 10 steps behind due to outdated marketing practices for their artists. We’re here to ensure you provide your artist with the latest and most cost effective marketing strategies that perform repeatedly to ensure your long-term success in the ever evolving climate of the music industry. GRNDXHUB will equip you with the best paid and organic strategies to market your artist’s music.


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