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We specialise in Facebook advertising by utilising this powerful platform to create and manage successful PPC campaigns that help Indie Musicians, Producers and Record labels target their ideal audiences.

Get the Best Possible Results with your Facebook Ad Spend  

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that is undervalued by the music industry.

The data, audience reach, creativity and growth potential makes facebook vastly underrated especially for artist eager to place their talent in front of their most relevant audience.

We’re here to help you explore the power of Facebook advertising:

We dedicate our time to Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients.

Our secret formula consists of analysing, split testing creatives, optimising, and scaling highly performing ads. Every step is part of our commitment to reach our clients goals.

We’ll help you with :

Creating Tailored Facebook Ads Strategy

Will identify your overall brand as a musician or label and create a strategy that drive more awareness, engagement and leads.

Finding your Fans through detailed targeting

We utilise facebook audience insights to identify your core audiences and put  your talent infront of them.

Creating Engaging Video or Image Ads

We understand how to create engaging facebook content to hook your ideal audience with each campaign we run for you. 

Delivering the highest campaign results

Our facebook ad specialists use their training and experience to generate the best possible return on investment with each campaign.

Flexible Contracts & Transparent Fees

Our contracts are short term which provides clients flexibility. We also are upfront about all our services costs. No Hidden Fees!   

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Detailed Research

We dedicate time and effort to understand your brand and target audience against the present market. Delivering realistic and relevant results with each campaign we manage.

Targeted Audiences

Target highly engaged fans by utilising powerful campaign targeting techniques. Guarantee your music isn’t showcased to the wrong audience.


We create campaigns that are optimised to return your investment. We deliver cost-effective results utilising Facebooks advertising platforms.

Tracking & Analytics

We implement advanced tracking using facebook pixel and google analytics to ensure you’re able to make data-driven decisions in each PPC campaign.

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1: Identify & Research

At the beginning of every client’s project, we take special care to understand your overall brand, goals and ideal target audience.

We identify key attributes that contribute to your online presence by evaluating your social channels, data and web traffic.

Following this approach, we are able to use the facebook audience insight tool to determine your ideal target audience. We’re able to effectively strategise how to deliver campaigns that are highly engaging to your audience. 

2: Strategic Planning

Every client is uniquely talented, so we plan each campaign carefully with a bespoke approach to align with your objectives.

Our team of facebook specialist will collate all the material identified in the research phase and develop a brand message and creative content for a successful advertising campaign.

Delivering results for a client takes many forms e.g post engagement, website traffic, lead generation and sales.

3: Advance Targeting

Facebook provides one of the most powerful data-driven engines online. Volumes of data stored on Facebook users allows us to create adverts and place them in front of the best audience for your business.

Our success with clients is largely due to the detailed targeting available with facebooks platform.

Were able to utilise some amazing datasets for each clients campaign.

Here are some of the insights areas that help us find your ideal audience on Facebook:


The genius behind every client’s campaign is something called the Facebook pixel. One piece of code that allows us to create audiences, track visitors and improve campaigns.

once the pixel is installed we can work our advertising magic by learning about your website visitors, retargeting engaged users, build custom audiences and track popular user actions.

The facebook pixel is vital to your success.

The data you already have on your audience can be leveraged for your campaigns.

Custom audiences are created based on user data that can be uploaded from external sources outside facebook.e.g

Email subscribers, engaged users, previous customers.

Facebooks vast user data allows us to leverage detailed targeting. We’re able to target users based on their Interest, Location and Demographic.

  1. Interest –  uses each users interest as a starting point to target the right audience.
  2. Location – allows us to find users in a specific region globally
  3. Demographic – enables in-depth targeting based on age, gender, education, job title.

4: Ad Creative & Ad Copy

The most important part of your campaign is the advert creative and the message presented to your audience.

Our team works hard to create Facebook ads that captivate users and trigger high engagement with each advertisement. 

Each campaign is carefully brainstormed and crafted by our creative team from the ad images, ad videos and tailored campaign messages.

We provide a variety of bespoke ad campaigns for each client e.g. video ads, carousel ads and canvas ads.

5: Optimise & Scale Ads

In order to maintain successful campaigns, we optimise them to improve the ad accounts overall performance.

We use this optimisation method to ensure you receive the most return on investment. The process involves split testing creatives, removing target audiences and increasing the ad spend.

Scaling starts once we find a high performing ad campaign. We start to scale the ad by increasing the budget or duplicating the successful ads in order to increase the results.

6: Analytics

The data generated from your campaign is key as it allows us to track valuable user information that is used to adjust and improve ad campaigns.

Analytics provide us with a clear picture of who your target audience is and what they do and don’t like.

We use this information to communicate our findings with you and also make active improvements to your ads in order to deliver consistent results with each campaign.

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