Indie Music Marketing Agency For  Musicians, Producers & Record Labels 

Supporting Independent Musicians, producers and Record Labels by providing tailored Pay Per Click management services.

“Where Talent Meets Targeted Traffic”

Welcome to The Indie Music Marketing Agency

We’re Music lovers that specialise in pay per click advertising based in London.

 Our focus is helping independent musicians, producers and record labels to leverage the power of Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Youtube ads to showcase their talent to the right target audiences.

We started our journey achieving ad campaign results for SME businesses, following our feedback and results we decided to focus specifically on supporting Indie Musicians, Producers and Record labels.

We love working with PPC management platforms our team loves to show off our experience and training running Facebook, Instagram and youtube ad campaigns for clients. Working with new talent is something we look forward to helping them achieve the best possible results with each bespoke pay per click campaign.

Here’s our process that ensures we deliver results with every client’s campaign


Detailed Research


Strategic Planning


Advance Targeting


Content Creation


Optimisation & Scaling


Audience Analytics


PPC Specialists

Every pay per click campaign is assigned to an experienced PPC specialist that manages and scale your paid advertising accounts successfully.

Results Driven

Our main goal as an agency is to deliver the best results on each ad campaign. Whether it’s brand growth, hitting lead generation targets or smashing sales targets.

Music Lovers

We live and breath music, this is why we have a passionate and drive to support the growth of musicians that is unrivalled.


Detailed Research

We dedicate time and effort to understand your brand and objectives. Delivering realistic and relevant results with each campaign we manage.

We’re Revolutionizing The  Independent Music industry with Paid Advertising!

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