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Music With DeFi Guide : Beginner To Music NFT Expert

Get Started With Learning The Power Of Blockchain Technology, NFTs and Web 3.0 For Music Creators.

Free Resource Reveals Secret Setup For Musicians to Master Paid Advertising

Sign Up for our FREE paid advertising setup guide.

GRNDX Starter Pack (Resources)

Indie Musician and producers starter pack ads

Purchase A collection of our 3 essential resources for effective paid music marketing across Facebook and Instagram.

Find My Sound Guide (Resources)

Learn Exactly How to Create Profitable Music Ad Campaigns using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

40+ Music Marketing Tools (Resources)

Our in-depth resource list will help lift the weight off your shoulders with over 40+ music marketing one-click resource tools. .

Find My Sound Guide (Resources)

Learn Advanced audience targeting with our guide! Essential for paid music marketing across facebook and instagram.

Social Media Blueprint For Indie Musicians

Indie musicians social media blueprint course

Learn the In-depth social media blueprint required to turn social media into a goldmine for your music career.

FB & IG Music Advertising (Foundation Course)

Learn the vital foundations for Facebook and Instagram paid music advertising. 

YouTube Ads (Foundation Course)

Everything you need to know about the foundations of advertising your music using paid marketing with YouTube.

FB & IG Music Advertising (Advance Course)

Advanced Facebook and Instagram course covering over 2hrs plus of valuable music marketing material.

Youtube Ads (Advance Course)

indie musicians youtube ads course

Advanced Youtube Course exploring all the vital elements required to master music marketing.