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We specialise in Youtube advertising by utilising the second largest search engine online to create and manage successful CPV campaigns that help Indie Musicians, Producers and Record labels reach their desired audiences.

Get Results with Your Ads On YouTube

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the online world.

Leading the way as a highly demanded platform with a potential reach of 4 billion global video views on a daily basis.  

Youtube can be used to build various growth strategies online e.g. brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, generate high engagement and sale products.

We merge our creative edge with our Youtube advertising skills to deliver results with every campaign.

We’ll help you with :

Creating Unique Youtube Strategy

Will analyse your overall brand as a musician or record label and create a visual strategy that drives more awareness, engagement and subscribers via youtube ads.

Identifying & Targeting Your Fanbase

We utilise Google Analytics to identify your core audiences and direct your talent towards interested viewers on youtube.

Creating Quality Visual Content

We understand how vital it is to produce Youtube adverts that engage and target the right audience. Our clever creative team lives and breaths innovate visuals to attract results.

Delivering Cost effective results

Youtube ads is a fairly untapped market which means costs per view are lower than Facebook ads or Instagram ads with the right PPV specialists support. 

Flexible Contracts & Transparent Fees

Our contracts are short term which provides clients flexibility. We also are upfront about all our services costs. No Hidden Fees!   

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Unlike other paid advertising platforms, on Youtube, you only pay when a visitor makes a click to your website or watches more than 30 seconds of your video. Amazingly the average cost per view is £0.01.


Quality Visual Adverts

Video ads have been proven to perform better than still images. We focus on this positive to create attractive Youtube’s True view ads: In display and In-Stream.

Detailed Targeting

Target highly engaged subscribers by utilising powerful youtube platform. Advance target by user interests, website remarketing, subject interest or demographics.

4 Billion Daily Viewers

Youtube is the third most viewed online platform. You can utilise this wide audience reach to frequently showcase your talent in front of new audiences. 

Are you using Youtube to  Advertise?

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine online. Now imagine what that means for your musics potential to reaching new listeners daily! Let our Youtube experts run your ad campaigns to push your talent infront of the right people.


1: Ad Planning

We start each clients campaign by understanding their existing brand, present objectives and ideal target audience in order to implement the right strategy to deliver results.

2: Advance Targeting

YouTube is owned by Google which means we’re able to take full advantage of the analytics tools available via google ads.

Targeting audiences can now be more precise as we can now target users based on their interests, demographics, Topic areas and website visitor remarketing.


3: Youtube Ad Creation

Youtube advertising platform is called True View, which is split into two types of paid advertisements.

  1. In-stream
  2. In-display

Our creative team is primed to develop the most engaging video ad campaigns for either ad type including perfected ad copy that embodies to your brand message.

We aim to create ads that grasp the attention of viewers with the first 5 seconds to ensure your content is attracting new visitors and return results based on spend.

Find more details about each Youtube Ad type:

In-display video ads only appear in the search results on youtube.

Alternatively, you can display ads on the right sidebar on youtube whilst videos are playing. Youtube also includes display ads on the video suggestions section.

In display ads are cost-effective you only pay if users click on your ad campaign.

In-stream video ads, only appear before the visitors can watch their desired video.

Users that come across the ads are able to skip after 5 seconds of watching if the content is not interesting or engaging.

In-stream ads are also cost effective as you only pay if viewers watch 30 seconds of your Youtube ad.

4: Test & Optimise YouTube Ads

In order to ensure youtube ads run successfully, we test campaigns and optimise your existing channel to ensure the content aligns with the present business objectives e.g. brand awareness, Video Views, sales, subscribers and leads.

Once completed were able to refine the message and target audience to maintain consistent ad results through your campaign.

5: Analytics

Youtube advertising uses Google Analytics which provides in-depth user targeting for us to establish a clear picture of who your target audience is and what they like or dislike.

Were able to collate data on their interests, demographics, location and website behaviour.

In return this information allows us to pinpoint audiences on youtube that are engaged and interested in the campaigns we deliver.

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