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Our Ad Management Campaigns Services are for 3 Months
*1st Month is a trial of our services* requires a 60% deposit to be paid before any services can start.

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Answers to Your Questions

What access levels will I need to
give you to use your service?

We normally require each client to give us Admin access to your Artist page and your Ad Manager Account.

We discuss this in further detail during on boarding phase. *No information is shared or posted on your behalf without your authorisation*

How long do you provide a service for?

our packages, start at one month with a maximum duration of 3 months. The Length of an ad campaign is solely dependent on your objectives and the time required to meet them.

How much will it cost to use your service?

Our ad management service prices have been outlined above the pricing set rarely changes unless a proposal required bespoke ad campaign management services

What results can I expect?

Results are based on your goals. We work towards a range of goals for musicians for example. Growing your Fanbase, Increase traffic and engagement to Music Video, Spotify Streams, Growing Your Email List and Setting up income-generating Funnel

What resources should

I have in place before starting?

Media for your music video in the correct dimension is required before Ad campaigns commence. Your assigned music marketer will discuss this with you during the onboarding phase once your deposit is made

Do you own the account and report data at the end of the contract?

Every campaign we run is on your behalf once the management cycle is completed we provide a full hand over of your account and campaign reports

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