Attract, Grow & Monetize
A Fanbase

A catalogue of music marketing courses and resources proven to
create real listeners, Loyal fans, and repeat customers.

Attract Listeners

Learn marketing strategies to attract highly engaged new and existing listeners. 

Stranger to Loyal Fans

Learn effective methods to grow long-term relationships with your fans. 

Monetize Music

Learn how to implement an online structure with paid ads that generate repeatable music sales. 


Building a music career and loyal fanbase using traditional music marketing methods has become an expensive and outdated experience.

 GRNDX HUB provides you with present music marketing strategies that deliver successful results and return of your investment meaning the record labels no longer control your visibility.

We understand the struggle indies face learning marketing due to their creative focus.

We’ve helped hundreds of indies in various genres and fan base sizes understand the crucial paid and organic marketing techniques to take their music career to greater heights.

 Our catalog of music marketing courses and resources has lead to numerous indies learning how to attract new listeners, grow loyal fanbases, and monetize their music career.

 Since the development of our indie music marketing agency, the team has listened closely to the needs of our indie audience across social media to develop our popular ‘grndx starter pack’ alongside our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertising courses.

 In order to meet our goal of bridging the gap between indie musicians and access to in-depth paid marketing knowledge, our team has tried and tested each music marketing strategy.

Every marketing course or resource available in our grndxhub membership can be vouched for by indie musicians or producers in our ever-growing music community.

 Implementing our strategies has lead to musicians globally feeling confident to pursue an independent career with a clear music marketing strategy in place for long term success…

 When You Become A GRNDXHUB Member, you will:

  • Learn the 3 core fundamentals that are required to attract, grow & monetize your fanbase
  • Learn how to find your fanbase online and turn complete strangers into lifelong fans 
  • Learn the power of paid music marketing across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube 
  • Learn how to create music funnels that transform infrequent music sales to repeat purchases. 
  • Automate your email marketing with proven techniques that build, engage and strengthen your fanbase. 
  • Implement present music marketing blueprints with confidence and deliver predictable results to propel your music brand and careers.

 Most musicians are left to struggle with overpriced and outdated methods pushed as music industry standards. We’re sure you agree musicians deserve more access to career-changing information to level the playing field.

If you’re tired of your talent being undiscovered and out of pocket due to music investments, we suggest you become one of the many indie musicians and producers that understands how to attract, grow and monetize their own music careers!!!

Join GRNDX HUB TodayWhy? You deserve to have all the music marketing guidance to prosper.

Indie Musicians & Producers That Have Reaped The Benefits Of Our Membership… 


How much quality music have you created that goes unheard and unappreciated? How much money have you invested into your career with little to no return? Do you struggle to spread your music effectively due to your lack of marketing skills?

Are you growing your fanbase daily and making regular sales from your music? Without the right marketing support and strategies you’ll continue to struggle to breaking into the music industry…..

GRNDX HUB Membership

6 In-Depth Music Marketing Courses :

(Advance paid and organic music advertising courses)

Over 12 Hours Of Career Exploding Content:

(Step by step video guidance across 3 Ad platforms)

4 Vital Indie Marketing Guidelines :

(Fundamental Blueprints to Marketing)

Monthly Special Guest: 

(Learn from expert guests through live marketing examples)

Fortnightly Live Q&A :

(Including One to One Slots) 

Access To Our Private Facebook Group:

(Indie musicians, producers, record label owners)



The GRNDXHUB membership gives indie musicians and producers access to £3000 worth of marketing courses, resources, and strategies. 

Instead of investing all your money on traditional marketing, learn the latest marketing material.


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