GRNDX List Of Best 
Web 3 & Marketing Tools

Web 3.0 Music Creator Tools

A list of Web 3 tools every music creator needs to use to progress in the music blockchain space

Graphics Design Tools

Get Everything you need to create sleek designs that attract and engages your fanbase

Website Development Tools

Access the vital tool required to build a successful website that generate daily visitors.

Merchandise Tools

Get Everything you need to create merchandise for your loyal fanbase. Top Print On Demand Companies.

Email Marketing Tools

Use the best email marketing tools available to reach your fanbase and generate sales.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Leverage your social media presence to attract, engage and monetize new fans using these valuable tools.

Bonus Tools

Explore some crafty tools to support your indie music career progression.

Create & Sell Online Courses

Showcase your expertise Online into plug and play courses for up-and-coming creatives to get paid.

Top Music Marketing Books

Learn from the very best in the music industry by reading the #1 book recommendations for indie music marketing.