Indie Musicians YouTube Advertising Foundations

Learn the foundations required for any Indie musicians or producers to use Youtube Ads to get their music in front of millions of new listeners and monetise their fanbase for as low as 0.20p

Explore 3 Key Music Advertising Course Modules:

1) YouTube – Essential Resource Guide

We kick off the first module with our Youtube Ads guide. We provide all the key resources and cover the key concepts to running your first Youtube ad campaign.

2) YouTube Advertising Foundations

In order to get started with Youtube Ads its vital you know the core principles which ranges from setting up your google ad account, google analytics and familiarizing yourself with the google dashboard. This section explores everything you need to get started!

3) Learn from 12 Step by Step Videos

Easy to digest and understand videos that breakdown every vital step you need to run effective Youtube Ads that attract, engage and convert your fanbase for the most optimal Ad cost.