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Master YouTube Ads 

How Indie musicians and producers can use Youtube Ads to get their music in front of millions of new listeners and monetise their fanbase for as low as 0.20p

 Learn How to Reach Millions Of New Fans By Master Youtube Ads with No Prior Experience!

Explore 3 Key Music Advertising Course Modules:

1) YouTube - Essential Resource Guide

We kick off the first module with our Youtube Ads guide. We provide all the key resources and cover the key concepts to running your first Youtube ad campaign.

2) YouTube Advertising Foundations

In order to get started with Youtube Ads its vital you know the core principles which ranges from setting up your google ad account, google analytics and familiarizing yourself with the google dashboard. This section explores everything you need to get started!

3) Advanced Level YouTube Setup Breakdown

Once you start advertising your main goal is results! We break down exactly how to replicate our winning strategy including in-depth targeting, budgeting and tips and tricks to ensure you’re able to run ads effectively and troubleshoot unsuccessful ads.

4) Learn from 19 Step by Step Videos

Easy to digest and understand videos that breakdown every vital step you need to run effective Youtube Ads that attract, engage and convert your fanbase for the most optimal Ad cost.


Everything you need to know about advertising your music using paid marketing with YouTube.


How Indie musicians and producers can use Youtube Ads to get the awareness there music deserves to get in front of millions of new listeners and monetise your fanbase for as low as 0.20 per view.


3 Modules (Full Breaking Down of YouTube Ads)

3 Hours of step by step Youtube Paid Advertising Video Tutorial


19 Lessons (In-depth walkthrough of YouTube ads)

Bonus Content [Advance Targeting and Practises]

Majority of indie musicians, producers and record label don’t understand how to run effective music marketing campaigns.

Investing money without full understanding is a risky and costly mistake. Our in-depth YouTube music advertising course helps you avoid this mistake covering all fundamental within music marketing efforts. 

Leverage The World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine:
Reach New Fans & Monetize 1.3 billion users almost one-third of all people on the Internet!

GRNDX YouTube Ads – Course Curriculum Breakdown

1) YouTube - Essential Resource Guide

2) YouTube Advertising Foundations
  •  Setup YouTube, Good Ad, Analytics

  • Google Ads Dashboard review Google Ads

  •  Google Ad Campaign Types

  •  Google Ad Campaign Types Explained

  •  Google Ad Bidding Strategies Explained

  •  Ad Campaign Budgeting Explained

  •  Networks Breakdown Part 1 – Search results: Youtube Videos: Video Display Network Partners + Budget Extended Explained

  • Networks Breakdown Part 2

  • Create Ad Group – Audience Targeting Types + Re-Marketing Audience and Linking

  • Ad Targeting People Targeting (Demographics + Audiences) + Content Targeting (Keywords + Topic + Placement)

  • Create Your YouTube Video Ad (URL + CTA + Name Ad Campaign + Ad lengths )

  • Complete First Video Ad + Split Test Video or Audience Targeting

3) Advanced Level YouTube Setup Breakdown
  • Video Ad Budget Types + Ad Budgeting Types Explained

  • Video Ad Budget Types + Ad Budgeting Calculator

  • True View vs Search Discovery Ads Explained

  • Advance Re-marketing Setup Custom Audiences Breakdown

  • Breakdown of Video Discovery Ad Campaigns

  • Advertising Ad In-Depth Targeting Audience + Content Walk-Through


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We’re educating indie musicians, producer and record labels on how to effectively run ads ensure rapid music growth using paid advertising.

Our Youtube marketing course is all you need to build a loyal fan base and ensure you reap a return from music ad investments.

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