Music With De Fi Guide

Control Your Career & Cut Out The Gatekeepers Using Blockchain Technology

Get Started With Music Web 3.0 & NFTs

 Learn How To Use The Blockchain To Monetize & Retain 100% Career Ownership 

How Will This MWD Guide Revolutionise Your Music Career?


1) Problems With Traditional Music Industry

Understand the problems with the present music industry model and why Blockchain technology is vital

2) Music Web 3.0 Basics

Understand the basics of Web 3.0/The Blockchain, NFTs & decentralized finance

3) Decentralised Finance Fundamentals

Develop the ability to Buy Cryptocurrencies and also Sell A Music NFT’s

4) NFT Marketplace Fundamentals

Learn How to Buy / Sell in a Music Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace

5) Sell Your 1st Music NFT

Learn How To launch and List Your Music NFT for Sale in the easiest way possible


6) NFT Terms 101

Learn How To Speak The Blockchain Lingo So You’re Never Out The Loop WithIn The Space

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Educate Yourself On The New Powerful Blockchain Music Industry Technology

Now let us explore how this new Music De-Fi model will change your music career forever. A revolutionary music industry model has emerged that will give the power back to creatives Web 3.0 allows Artists to utilise blockchain technology through decentralized apps in the form of digital assets aka NFTs.

Cryptocurrencies are also the new digital currency used to value, sell or purchase digital assets on the blockchain. What this means is emerging to established artists are able to sell their music directly to their fans and reap 100% of the financial benefits.

• No more waiting months for streaming revenue.
• No more taking advance from labels that hinder your career.