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What is it? Blue host is one of the largest and most popular hosting services for your indie musician website. Providing the most secure and affordable option for web hosting.

Why do we recommend it? Bluehost is not only reliable but we appreciate the affordability and premium customer support provided. Get:

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What is it? Wordpress is the most popular FREE content management systems (open source) used by over 74 million people to develop their website. Provides thousands of plugins and template that make it easy to create a premium website.

Why do we recommend it? We’re biased to WordPress as we have used them for years to build our website! What we love most is the flexibility to customise your web design due to the hundreds of plugins. If your not computer savvy WordPress is perfect as it provides easy drag and drops templates which is a beginner’s best friend. Lastly, WordPress is free which concludes it your only choice.

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