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Every Online Secret Resource You Need to Market Your Music Effectively!

 Learn How to Analyse, Automate and Monetize Your Music with a Secret Scoop Of All the Tips and Tricks!

Over 40+ Must-Have Tools to Excel Your Music Marketing!


1) Content Creation - Essential Tool

How do you create phenomenal content to compliment your latest music releases? we provide the most trusted tool to develop astonishing images within minutes. 

2) Website Development Foundations

I don’t need a website and I’m an indie musician or producer? Ask yourself why every successful artist in your niche of music has one. We provide the key links to get you started with hosting and creating your own music website.

3) Monetize with Merchandise Online

Before you we’re born musicians were selling merchandise to their loyal fan base! If you don’t have this set up your the reason why your not hitting your financial goals at this very momnet.

4) Instagram Analytics - Learn What's Working?

If you can see what’s working then you can create more of it. We help you understand the tools to use to effectively analysis on Instagram so every post resonates with your fanbase.

5) Build Your Email List

I only have one newsletter signup but I want to grow my fanbase! The reality is this is not enough we show you the tools you need to grow a direct connection between you and your fans globally. Highly recommended tools…

6) Target Market Research - Keep in The Loop

You cant react or stay ahead in the music industry if you don’t have a clue about what the market wants or what is no longer popular! We show you the key market research tools..

7) Outsource Irritating Tasks

Indie musicians have to do everything and at times the repetitive tasks become dream killers we show you the recommended tools we use to get a specialist to take over the tasks you no longer want to worry about…

8) Analyse Your Music Data

Learn the tools top agencies use to analyse the data of their musicians. The secret steps to global music domination depends on what you know about your audience which is found in the data analytics.

9) Automate Your Social Content

Indie musicians don’t have time, so managing socials can be a task. We show you the trusted tools to schedule your posts like a boss with your phone or desktop….

10) Get Feedback From Fans

Learn how to strategically plan your next move by using our recommended audience feedback tool. Talking to your fans is the best way to receive insight and make improvements moving forward….

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Every Online Secret Resources You Need to Market Your Music Effectively!

Majority of indie musicians, producers and record label don’t understand how important effective music marketing really is towards their success. Investing money without having a clear marketing strategy or understanding effective tools is an extremely risky and costly mistake.

Our in-depth resource list will help lift the weight off your shoulders with over 40 one-click resource tools.