Social Media Blueprint For Independent
Musicians & Producers

The Social Media Road Map to Excel Your Music Career Online.

Learn How to Leverage Social Media to Attract, Engage and Monetize Your Core Fanbase.

4 Must-Have Modules Indie Musicians Need to Master Social Media Marketing!


1) Content System & Structure

In order to mirror success, you need a plan and system in place to measure your results on social media and repeat what is working! We show you step by step how to implement and execute your content strategy to maximise your results.

2) Content Types

Content re-purposing is the most slept on aspect by indie musicians which ultimately prevents them from putting their talent in front of fans eager to embrace it across multiple social platforms.

3) Hashtag / Searchability

We’ve sadly seen so many indies make the mistake of using irrelevant hashtags that limit the potential reach of a post they spent precious time creating. We breakdown exactly what you need to do with hashtags and why they are vital to your talent being seen by the right audiences.

4) Sharing/ Reposting

Did you know that key indicators on social media determine whether your content will succeed or not. Learn how you can utilise social media shares and reposts to boost your music career with minimal effort.

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Leverage Social Media to Attract, Engage and Monetize Your Core Fanbase Now !

Majority of indie musicians, producers and record label don’t understand how important effective social media marketing really is towards their music career success.
Learning to implement effective social media strategies can be the difference between local or global success.

Our in-depth Social Media Blueprint
provides everything you need to dominate the music industry online.