Best Web 3.0 Platforms &

Tools For Music Creator

The #1 Web 3 Website Builder Tool For Music Creators: Tellie

What is it? Tellie is the first website builder with Web3 native functionality. Tellie gives everyone access to create NFT/Token-gated exclusives, making strides to a decentralized web.

Why do we recommend it? Tellie is a super easy Web3 platform that allowed our GRNDX founder to create a simple website with Web 3 capabilities like no other smartlink platforms. Introducing decentralised tools and gated content unlocked only with NFT tokens (Invite Only Platform)

Sign Up For Free Invite Only Account Here: Tellie

The #1 Platform For NFT Domains (No Renewal Fee Ever): UnstoppableDomains

What is it? Unstoppable Domains is onboarding the world onto the decentralized web by building blockchain-based domain names. These domains allow users to replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names, host decentralized websites, simplify crypto payments, and much more.

Why do we recommend it? Unstoppable domians is perfect for securing your Web 3 domain name to protect your brand name online. What’s most imppressive is no renewal fee, no minting fees and no gas fees after purchasing your NFT Domains.

Sign Up For A Free NFT Domain Here: Unstoppable Domains

The #1 Blockchain-Powered Music Streaming Platform: Audius

What is it? Audius is a fully decentralized music streaming platform that enables listeners to support music creators directly via its native cryptocurrency, AUDIO. Audius has almost 6 million monthly unique users and hosts over 100,000 artists.
(December 2021)

Why do we recommend it? Gone are the days that music streaming platforms pay music creators pennies for their music.

Audius allows music creators to own their music on the blockchain and get paid in crypto for their music streams.

Sign Up For A Free Blockchain Music Streaming Account Here: Audius