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In-depth Targeting to Explode Your Fanbase using Facebook & Instagram Ads

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What is the find my sound guide?

A Step by Step Guide For Independent Musicians to Unlock their Sound. 

Our Guide Helps Indie musicians excel using Facebook Ad Targeting by…

  1. Distinguishing Ad Traffic Types

We delve into the 360 control that indie musicians finally have using Facebook ads. Breaking down each vital traffic state and how it should be used to attract new fans or engage existing fans.

  1. Utilising Facebook’s audience insights

Our guide walks you through the exact tool required to uncover every vital about your fan base and create successful ad campaigns to explode your music career.

  1. In-Depth Fan Base Research

Research is majorly overlooked by indie musicians which is one of the reasons why their ad campaign performances are highly underwhelming. Our guide provides a step by step process so you can implement effective and profitable research to excel your music career using Facebook ads.

  1. Laser Focused target interests

Our guide helps any indie musicians identify exactly who they sound like in order to transform your ad targeting from guesswork to pinpoint selections that ultimately save you money, time and return amazing campaign results.

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Why Do Indie Musicians Need Our Find My Sound Guide?

A Step by Step Guide For Independent Musicians to Unlock their Sound Really…

Tired of expensive and ineffective traditional marketing so you decided to try paid advertising.

Independent musicians are eager to get the awareness their talent deserves.

Unfortunately there is …

One thing is preventing indie musicians from blowing up using Facebook Ads 

After working with numerous musicians in a range of genres growing their music streams, video views and fanbase. 

We realised most indie musicians don’t know who they sound like ?

Because of this their unable to use Facebook ads to market their music to the right audience.

Independent Musicians avoid 4 Lethal Facebook Advertising mistakes:

Guessing your sound and target audience

A random list of ad target interests is a guaranteed pathway to poor results we help you transform this with precise steps to laser-focused targeting.


Reaching the wrong audience with your music

Ad campaign engagement producing low results it’s likely your targeting is off. Our guide helps you reach the audience that is interested in your genre and style of music.

Paying more than average to return a result

Independently financing your music career can be financially draining. We resolve this by helping you save money on your ads by heavily reducing the cost per a result.

Limited music streams, video views and fanbase growth

Poor ad performances will ensure your music career growth is limited. Our guide reveals the fundamentals to Facebook targeting to return profitable music results across the board.

Why Our Guide Really Work Preview Results For Indie Musicians
Exploding Their Fanbase….

Don’t run another Ad Campaign until you’ve used our in-depth audience targeting guide.

A Step by Step Guide For Independent Musicians to Unlock their Sound Really…

1. Your Music is being shown to uninterested audiences
You’ve spent hours in the studio and poured hours in creatively but your ads to collect dust online. Targeting is the most crucial element to fix your poor ad campaigns to gain real interest from fans

2. Your Cost per a result is extremely high

Every bit of investment towards your career is vital since you’re independently pushing yourself. Our aim is to ensure you invest wisely and return amazing results with each music campaign.

3. Your Ad Campaigns Perform negatively

Will help you get over the frustration of running campaigns that deliver underwhelming results. You will learn to make calculated decisions with each campaign you run to increase your chances of success.

4. You Music Career isn’t growing

Facebook ads can work wonders when used properly. Its likely you’ve been using the platform all wrong..

We’re helping you rapidly excel leveraging Facebook ads with the guidance of our Find My Sound Guide

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