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Build & Monetize Your Fan Base - Learn How to Leverage Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns with No Prior Experience!

 Learn the Foundations Of Facebook & Instagram Advertising with Zero Experience!

Insight into Foundation Advertising Course Modules:

1) Advance Target Audience Research - FMS Guide

We kick off the first module with our advance targeting guide for musicians to unlock their sound and explode their fanbase growth using Facebook and Instagram ads. [LEARN MORE]

2) Foundation - Get Started with Paid Advertising

In order to get started with music advertising its vital you know the core principles which ranges from setting up an optimised musicians page on facebook all the way to building a specific campaign.

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Everything you need to know about advertising your music using paid marketing with facebook and Instagram.


Build and Monetise your fanbase and retain 100% creative control..NOW


2 Modules (In Depth Break Down of paid music marketing using FB + IG)

2 Hours of step by step Paid Advertising FB + IG Video Tutorial


7 Lessons (In-depth walkthrough of IG + FB ads)

Bonus Content [Advance FB Audience Targeting Guide]

Majority of indie musicians, producers and record label don’t understand how to run effective music marketing campaigns.

Investing money without full understanding is a risky and costly mistake. Our in-depth music advertising course helps you avoid this mistake covering all fundamental within music advertising. 

Build & Monetize Your Fan Base!
Learn How to Run Effective and Profitable Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns with No Prior Experience!….

GRNDX FB + IG – Course Curriculum Breakdown

1) Find My Sound Guide - Advanced Facebook Audience Targeting
  • [Example Video] – Client Case Study using [The Find My Sound Guide] by GRNDX
  • Independent Musicians – [Find My Sound Guide] – Explode Your Fanbase using In-Depth Facebook Audience Targeting
2) Foundation - Get started with Paid Advertising
  • Setup Your Musician Facebook Page
  • Setup Facebook Business Ad Manager Account
  • Understand and Setup The Facebook Pixel
  • Understand Ad Campaigns & Ad Campaign Objectives
  • Target Audience Insights Tool Research Breakdown
  • Build Your Ad Campaigns from scratch – Traffic / Video View / Page Post Engagement Campaigns
  • Learn Essential Ad Campaign Metrics
  • Essential Advertising Dimensions (Placements)

Don’t waste money and time on another Ad Campaign until you’ve taken our in-depth music marketing course! Become A Master of Facebook & Instagram Ads…

We’re educating indie musicians, producer and record labels on how to effectively run ad ensure rapid music growth using paid advertising.

Our FB + IG music marketing course is all you need to build a loyal fan base and ensure you reap a return from music ad investments.

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 Learn The Foundations Of Paid Ads on
Facebook & Instagram with Zero Experience!